Thanks for answers.

For my purpose, the light reversal would be indeed easier because this style of lab has separate dark and light side; the film comes out of the dark side through the light-trap opening in the wall. So in fact the light reversal happens to some extent anyway from the room light, proper light reversal is just about increasing the amount of the light near the film.

But the point about the "stopping" effect of chemical reversal is a good one, I didn't think about that. It also acts as an extra "wash" step. I realize that I need to have a very good wash stage before light reversal, whereas the chemical reversal would prevent a minute amount of carry-in First Developer from working.

Currently I have an air knife only after final rinse, but I guess after I add air knives after the First Developer and all three subsequent wash stages, I can minimize FD carryover to practically zero, and have a go with light reversal.