I normally only contact print, since I use alt processes. Often I use 8x10 and I was out photographing with the 11x14 this past week, and 11x14 carbon prints are impressive. But at the same time, I am being drawn back to 4x5 (and smaller) because as Shawn mentioned, the small prints are jewels.

I have enjoyed making platinum prints and carbon prints from MF negatives. And I have started a project using 4x5 for carbon print images of an area I backpack into in the Redwoods. They can go on the wall, but they really shine when hand-held. Hand-made books are something I have been considering -- especially with the small platinum prints.

Below are two carbon prints...two side-by-side Diana Camera negs (so the print is about 2"x 5") and a 4x5 from the new redwoods project. Funny how one needs to shrink them on the screen to get the feel of them!