I have to agree with Steve. The last time I was at Adorama there were four different guys there buying up used MF gear from Hassy to Mamiya RZ lenses, etc. I haven't had my eye on the market for very long but I am still able to find some good stuff and I have just recently started to build up my SQ-Ai system. I was a little upset that over Passover someone had managed to snatch up a bunch of lenses (online) that I was about to go in and see and possibly buy. I still managed to get what I wanted but it seems to me that interest is quite solid. I was having a hard time finding a 50 but after a few days I did find a nice on on the bay for a great price. Another thing to look at is KEH's "In-Transit" area. Just this week I've seen quite a few bodies, lenses and even a minty waist-level finder show up in their inventory!