Sodium ascorbate was from ebay, it is a food supplement.
I want to run on the experiment I described to see if the orange compound is furthur oxidized so won't add anything at the moment.

Another experiment I ran was to dilute D-316 concentrate (no sulfite) 1+49 in deionized water and expose to air.For the first 20 days it turned slowly yellow, then during days 21-25 went orange. After 34days I added sodium sulfite 45g/L , a film leader developed in this showed very little blackening, the D-316 was pretty much all oxidized.I divided this solution into two parts and tested each with addition:

(1)Add phenidone-produced a slightly grey film leader.I ran a blank test with phenidone/sulfite only and some boric acid to get the same pH ,this also produced a slightly grey film leader.Conclusion-the ascorbate was completely oxidized and added phenidone was not regenerated.
(2)Add sodium ascorbate-produced a black film leader.Conclusion- some of the phenidone survived 34 days oxidation and was regenerated.

It seems likely all the ascorbate is oxidized first , before the phenidone.