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I had a blast setting up the 11x14 in a fern covered canyon earlier this week. Before I moved the camera into position, one dad hiked by with a couple on small kids and he lifted them up to see the GG as I walked in front of the camera so they could see me upside down. I let several other folks look thru the camera before moving the whole rig into position in the creek. No worries about anyone bothering me once I was in the creek!

But I agree that inflated ego are in all fields. But I go with the theory that there are just a four different types of personalities that people are born with (and most of us are mixes of those four). But some are very strong in the type who believe innately that they are right...always right. And the only reason you would disagree with them is 1) because you are stupid or 2) you are purposefully disagreeing with them to bug them, to get to them. And the more you try to make your point clear, the stupider they think you are. It is not an ego thing, it is a basic personality trait. I was married to one of these personality types...it was not fun.
Vaughan, that's not a trait, it's a disorder. Could be one of two or three.