Your easiest answer comes from just trying it. Ilfobrom was very good graded paper. I found several boxes of Zone VI Brilliant dated 1983 and it still prints well; to be honest I still need to try it "straight," I jumped straight to the benzotriazole anti-fog (you can get the powder from Photographers Formulary, it mixes very easily into stock solution). The point is that all this conjecture is useless, as Fred Picker used to say "Try it yourself and see." If it is fogged, a few prints will let you know whether or not it is worth using, and benzotriazole is inexpensive, a little will last you a lifetime. While doing tests with small pieces and pennies is fine, its easier to print a negative you like and see what is going on, whether it gives you a good print or not. It will be obvious if you have no highlights, i.e. what should print as bright white prints as grey.