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You cannot make a single part color developer or blix and you certainly cannot make a color monobath.

Well apparently you can indeed make a single part (concentrate) color developer and blix, because Tetanal did. I've used it. It sucked as hrst says, but they made it.

Prints actually looked pretty good if there weren't extensive very light areas and if you trimmed off the yellow borders. So I believe him that the developer worked.

Its attraction was that they advertised it as ambient temperature, which it was. It came with a time/temperature chart and produced pretty much identical results (maybe 5cc color variation max from the coldest to the warmest on the chart) at all temperatures, but all of them had the yellow whites problem. At the time I didn't realize you could do pretty much the same thing with Kodak chemistry with no problems.

hrst has it exactly right about mixing the stuff.