Photocolor made a superb 3 part E6 kit, it was made by Champion in later years for Paterson who took over Photocolor which was itself the chemistry side of Johnsons acompany involved with Photograpghy for decades before Eastman founded Kodak

There's a lot of garbage written against 3rd party products, some correct but often dismissing extremely good products designed by world experts in their fields.

Remember Kodak needed to constantly buy in expertise and the classic is Mees, and his insistance they take over the company he was a director of Wratten & Wainwright.

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I don't think I've ever heard of Eastman Kodak manufacturing anything that wasn't top-notch. You guys are making me uneasy. With EK knocked off as the big boy on the block, are we just going to get stuck with second-rate stuff?
You're joking.

They stole ideas like Polaoids Instant film and made huge errors of judgement with investments in rubbish like 110 and Disc cameras.