126 easy loading.
I remember a TV commercial where they showed a Chimpanzee how to open the camera. A person then handed the Chimp a film which the Chimp put in the camera and proceeded to take pictures.
Re: film flatness I think it's hogwash. The problem was with the shutter release being so stiff which
jiggled the camera unless extra care was taken to hold it tight. Other manufacturers recognized this problem and made their release buttons softer.
I have taken photos with a Kodak 500 and with their Instamatic reflex which are as sharp as a regular 35 mm.

To WBLYNCH. Take a 'Q' tip and bend the end . Wet it with ammonia and clean the contacts on the sliding cover with the bent end of the battery compartment also the ones in the top . Install fresh batteries and slide the cover back and forth a few times. The cube should fire