Roger, that is my point. It is pretty poor and as said before, some are very hard to mix.

As for other Kodak products, t is not widely known that Kodak engineered and coated Polaroid colo products for Land, as he could not make them himself. Some of Land's ideas were entirely incorrect and under a rigid contract, Kodak did the R&D to fix these problems. Land never acknowledged this work though.

Kodak then went on to engineer two totally different methods of instant imaging that they were advised did not infringe. In fact, due to double patenting, it could later be shown that Land had blocked the field with incorrect patents. But this is hindsight.

Kodak chemicals were made on site at Kodak Park until recently, by Champion. In fact, they made the news here when a tank truck of one of the processing chemicals upset and spilled next to the old P&S building (Powders and Solutions).