Last week my old OM-10 gave up the ghost, something with the electronics is fouled up and now the shutter speeds are not firing properly, even with the manual adapter. As OM-10s are reasonably cheap I figured I'd chase one down on the 'bay. Instead I noticed a nice looking, and according to the seller, perfectly working OM-1. I know the OM-1 is a manual camera with a battery only required for the meter, this suits me perfectly!
So I went for it and won it half an hour or so ago for £38 (not including postage). Did I pay a fair price?
Also does anyone know about the batteries for the OM-1? Is it ok to use 1.5v cells in it instead of the old 1.3v? And how much would this affect the metering?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.


Ps. Here's the auction: