I've shot a couple of rolls with this film. It's totally different from any other 120 I've shot so far, but not in the way you might think.

Loading them in my 120 backs, I wind it along up to the arrows which I assume is the start point before you close the back and wind onto the first frame.
When shooting them in my Mamiya, the backs tend to stop winding around frame 8 or 9 of 10, and I realise I have to unload them in the dark. Taking them out in my darkroom, they usually end up exploding open and I have to respool them back onto the spool to get it right. But then when I check in the light, it's the black side of the backing paper facing forward instead of the coloured side as normal. So I usually have to end up unrolling the roll and then re-rolling it the other way so that the coloured side of the backing paper is facing outward.
Both test rolls ended up being blank.

Was this some foible of Agfa film, or what? I have a feeling I may have to open a sacrificial roll just to see how it was rolled and whether I will have to re-roll it or not.