So I'm looking through some websites where cameras are bought and sold, and came across an ad that at first I could not believe, and then quickly decided to take the plunge as GAS hit again: a black Nikon F#6422XXX with an F2 DE-1 prism and (hard to believe) a 58mm f/1.2 Noct-Nikkor -- for $299.

Of course, until the camera arrived I imagined the worst: scratched lens, haze and fungus, inoperative body, etc. In fact, the lens is very clean, thanks in part to a Nikon filter on the front. And the body works OK, could use a CLA given that it's about 50 years old now. You'll see that I don't have a Nikon nameplate on the camera, as someone must have removed the original black one long ago. I do have the chrome one for the F2, but removed it because the prism really doesn't fit with it attached (despite what others have found the case to be). And you'll note that the back is actually a chrome-trim back, not black, but I really don't mind as what with the chrome back and prism I get sort of a panda look.

If anyone has a black Nikon F nameplate they'd like to sell onwards, or a black back, let me know. I actually wouldn't mind getting a true black Nikon F prism if one floated by, but I know those are not common.

Just by way of cost vs. resale value, this isn't the best deal I ever found -- once I bought a Polaroid 195 for $2 at a "brocante" in Belgium. But a $3000 lens for under $300, not bad.