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Many plastics allow oxygen atoms to pass through, ruining the developer sooner. For this reason, the usual recommendation is to store developer in either glass or PET bottles (recycle code "1"). The cube referenced above is polyethylene, which isn't PET. Water and soda bottles are PET, so they are good for developer. You could try 5 1L soda bottles.

Mark Overton
Thanks Mark.

Yep. That was my one concern with the cubes as I mentioned, and everyone seems to confirm that.

I can get practically any size bottle of any type of plastic I want for reasonable costs through the lab where I work. I found some nice amber PET bottles the other day in many sizes for cheap. I'm thinking of using ID-11 1+1 in a Paterson universal tank, so a few 150ml and 250ml bottles to hold aliquots of stock in for using right away (just add the equal amount of water before using), then refill those with the full liter bottles. That way all the bottles pretty much stay full at any given time.