Not wanting to be mistaken for defending the seller, he could be a crook, he could be a saint, but the way the term CLA is thrown into conversations on the internet has devalued its meaning to the point that it is more like a rite of passage than a meaningful acronym.

People get the rangefinder adjusted and think they had a CLA. People have a sticky shutter adjusted and think they had a CLA. Meanwhile the people who know they had a CLA will be the ones wincing at the cost because it is far more than the throw away line lobbed into a conversation like 'just send it for a CLA', as if it is the cheapest and easiest thing to do. This is what devalues the term, and it is what makes back street repairers think they know what to do. If a CLA doesn't run to an A4 sheet of things checked, adjusted, lubed, or repaired it isn't a CLA in my book.