Since my last poast, I've gone through three Nikkormat FT2 bodies, trying to find one worth fixing up. Now have an early black FT2 that has been completely gone through. Also received an F2 with DE-1 from BradleyK, which donated its DE-1 to the F, then went to Ralph Javins with a DP-3 on top. Picked up another chrome F2 that had a DP-12. Swapped the DP-12 to my black F2 to replace the damaged DP-12, then passed it on to Ralph with a DP-1. Added some wideangle glass (namely a 28/3.5, and a couple 35/2's), and, finally, a decent F5 body.

@BradleyK: No F bodies? Need to add at least one to the gaggle. Maybe you could pick one up at the PSPCS Camera Show & Swap Meet in Kent, WA next Saturday.