I recently came across an interesting 35mm swing lens panoramic camera fitted with an Elmar f3.5 lens from a 1927 fixed lens Leica I camera. The panoramic camera may be a prototype, based on an existing camera or simply home made, some parts are well made and others not. The main body is metal and wood covered with leather cloth and parts of the swing lens mechanism are brass. The shutter's timing mechanism appears to be from a vintage Thornton Pickard roller blind shutter as probably are the blinds that are used instead of a rotating drum. No slit width adjustment just speed variation across the blinds travel. It looks to have been used extensively judging by the wear. If you put a piece of ground glass in the focal plane the Leica lens does focus to infinity correctly.

Details can be seen on Flickr starting with http://tinyurl.com/btkkzsp .

Has anybody seen anything similar or can suggest its history?