Nice camera. It looks like they used a picture from before the war on the front cover of the manual. The camera body is of the pre-war style, and for a couple of years after the war many east german cameras used vest german shutters, and later they used east german made shutters like Vebur and Tempor.

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VEB was a conglomerate that absorbed Belca sometime in the mid-1950s in Dresden, but by that time they would have been using the name "Belca-Werk" rather than "Balda-Werk".
VEB stands for Volkseigener Betrieb (Operation owned by the people), a legal form of enterprise owned by the state in East Germany. Balda-Werk in Dresden was nationalised after the war. The previous owner and founder, Max Baldeweg, lived in Vest Germany after the war and started a new company, Balda Kamera-Werk, in BŘnde. It must have been around that time that the East German company had to change the name for legal reasons.