Just to respond to Morituri -- I thought quite a while before posting this. The main reason I did it is because, in my present circumstances, there is not one person around me who would appreciate the lens or even understand why I was so pleased to come across it. There's no one I can talk to about cameras here, anymore than there is anyone to discuss single-ended amplifiers or the merits of 6SN7s. That's one great benefit to me of the Internet -- that I can communicate with people who understand my hobbies. I didn't post to gloat, anymore than the guy who found a Nikon SP in an antique store did it to gloat IMHO. I just wanted to reach out to some folks who might (A) understand my pleasure and (B) be encouraged by the fact that this sort of thing can happen to anyone. And that $2 Polaroid camera? That was over a decade ago, and I didn't post about that, so it's not as if I'm filling your inbox with my gloating. I'm sorry that you took such a negative view of what Lady Luck sent my way.