You must have gotten a "real" shooters camera. Someone who did some serious PJ work I would imagine.
It is an interesting amalgam of bits. I didn't mention that the body has a motor plate installed; as the back is chrome and doesn't match the black body, I'm wondering if someone initially used this body with an F36 motor drive (which comes with an attached back) and when they stopped using it they just grabbed another regular back and kept on shooting. Of course the lens is much newer; it's an AIS model so, what?, maybe 15 years newer than the body? I get the impression that the DE-1 was a much later addition put on by someone who really wasn't familiar with Fs and F2s, because they had left the "NIKON" nameplate on the DE-1 despite the fact that that kept it from fitting properly, so they loosened the screws on the nameplate so it could sort of flex outward. Kludgy -- you'd be likely to lose the nameplate or damage the camera. First thing I did is remove the nameplate. The prism still doesn't want to seat properly toward the front of the camera; there's a small gap visible, but I can focus readily so I'm not going to force anything. I have a regular F prism back home, so when I get there in June I'll swap it in to see how it fits.