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I never refriged/froze film but once. Never again. Maybe if I lived up North where it's ALWAYS freezing, hence no condensation. Down here you may as well store it in a bucket of water.
I've never had the top pop off a plastic canister, but rarely use 35mm nowadays so don't have much of a sample space to draw on.

It gets humid here in the summer, though not as bad as SC, but I've never had problems with my frozen film. It's all in Ziplock bags in the freezer, and I just take out what I need several hours before I'll need it. On those rare occasions where I don't have a lot of lead time I'll stick 35mm or 120 rolls (in the original canisters or foil wraps) in my pockets to help them along.

The pocket trick doesn't work well for sheet film, which is why I always keep a box at room temp.