Last night I set mine up into an 8x10 tray with aquarium heaters for testing. Works beautifully. I made the mistake of ordering relays that have DC input. I read somewhere that DC relays could take AC 110 current. But I now think that it may have been the other way around as I fried the relay I was testing with. I actually tested it with an 18V AC output I had on a DC model train controller I have. It worked. Once I wired up 110 to it, it was done with.

So I cut the end off a 6V AC/DC adapter and soldered connectors onto it. Once my AC input relays that I just ordered come in, the footprint will get smaller.

The thermocouple was out of calibration with the REX C100 PID controller by 2 degrees celcius. Using several thermometers in both the heated bath, and ice water.

I tried another thermocouple with the same results. The manual didn't document how to adjust compensation which I found rather odd, but I did find a setting that wasn't documented. After setting it a couple times, I found that that was exactly what I was looking for. It's not calibrated to my IR thermometer that I use which is within a half degree of 6 other thermometers that I have.

I need to get some plastic sheeting now so I can build some tanks.