Hey Peter,
I'd LOVE o join in on this group buy, however I'm staring at a large pile of 8x10 TXP I purchased from Badger Graphic last year. I purchased it as a "hedge", but also because I've read recently about some noticing serious base fog issues with TMY/TMY-2, even if its been frozen. I know that I've shot older(think 2002-2004 dated or so) TMY in both sheet form and rollfilm, and I had issues with base fog. I bought it from a guy closing his studio who had it FROZEN at at least OF the entire time. Still had very noticeable base fog. Tri-X I've never had an issue with base fog like Tmax 100/400 has given me. I love love love the film, so don't get me wrong. But for long-term storage MY(and some others on the web, LFF IIRC) experiemce with TMY has not been too favorable more than a few years beyond the stated expiration date...

Not trying to poo-poo this thread or cast doubt on a product, but just sharing my experience, and why I'm not chomping at the bit to buy in on this order here for a multi-year supply.Quality film isn't cheap, and it almost certainly isn't going to get cheaper.

best of luck everyone with the order!