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I'm the one who prompted Keith to get out the lead and get a group buy. I am also quite shocked that people here are reluctant to get this most amazing film. There are many good films out there but none comes close to TMY for large format;PERIOD....
If anyone here had bought $10,000 worth of film last year how much would it be worth now?? You could easily turn around and sell it here or on Ebay. Sure bears the 1% in the bank!...
how much is it worth to have what you need as an artist to have your materials in the freezer. I still am shooting 5x7 Tri-x that I bought in the nineties (100 sheets for about $105/box) It's also a pleasure just to pull out a box and defrost!!
Is Kodak actually going to be here? A questions for the ages but if you got it then it's yours...
have a great day everyone!!
By the same token, why Kodak isn't putting up a freezer of their own and release film to public whenever order comes in. This way they could just crank up their system for a few days at a time and stop until freezer gets thinner. The fact is, Kodak has messed things up for themselves a long time ago and now, being only capable of having bean counters as top managers, does not care about what people like (or liked) or especially maintaining its image as a once top photo company. It's sad, but it's reality. Let's just hope Ilford keeps going and (maybe) Agfa emulsions get out again one day.

I would also argue for the TMY superiority. No issue with you loving it to death, but there have been thousands of superior images created over the years long before TMY came to existence

I don't shoot 5x7, so perhaps I'm a few years away from the same problem at smaller sizes, but I think it's criminal to charge what I hear.

Am I reading someone correctly that Keith is putting a margin on this before group distribution? If so, then I'm sorry to point this out, but if Keith is actually putting a "group" together to make money on it, then I can't see how this is genuine. If you want to sell something, you invest in it up front. In other words, if he were sure there is sufficient market for whatever number of boxes this is about, than he should place such order himself and then release to public under whatever price he wants. And that would be fair and square. But to take commitments from people first, just to see how much he make on it, then it looks like a smoke screen to dim out the profit.