As others have stated I use the glass amber bottles from photographers formulary or other chemical distributors (they are all the same) HOWEVER ... PE has stated over and over that the light penetrating the bottles has no effect so you CAN use a clear glass bottle and it would be just as good as the amber ones.

Secondly, the WINE bladders are certainly air tight... this is wine we are talking about... the most important aspect to keeping wine is to keep new oxygen from penetrating the container and thus spoiling the wine, so unless the chemicals break down the inner lining somehow, the wine bladders are probably a perfect choice for this kind of chemistry in terms of oxygen issues.

Third... I'm curious about BMbikerider's comment about color developers.... how do you split the chems into 100ml's and then account for the time difference in development? like, ... say your E-6 times start at 6 minutes and every roll you run through the developer you're supposed to add 1.04 to the time, so then it's like 6.4 minutes then 6.9 minutes etc etc... but that's based on the water to developer ratio right? so when you start with 100ml instead of 500ml ... how do you calculate for the time difference? and how many rolls do you get out of 100ml? Or am I totally missing what you're saying?