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Am I reading someone correctly that Keith is putting a margin on this before group distribution? If so, then I'm sorry to point this out, but if Keith is actually putting a "group" together to make money on it, then I can't see how this is genuine. If you want to sell something, you invest in it up front. In other words, if he were sure there is sufficient market for whatever number of boxes this is about, than he should place such order himself and then release to public under whatever price he wants. And that would be fair and square. But to take commitments from people first, just to see how much he make on it, then it looks like a smoke screen to dim out the profit.
Keith(Canham) IS A BUSINESS

Businesses NEED to make money to keep their doors open. Plain and simple. Just because you make cameras to consume the film you help arrange the sale/distribution of, doesn't make you a bad person...

If everyone only did what they loved, many things wouldn't come to fruition. Making film included.

Besides, wouldn't you want to be compensated in some small form for coordinating a buy-in?