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Keith(Canham) IS A BUSINESS

Businesses NEED to make money to keep their doors open. Plain and simple. Just because you make cameras to consume the film you help arrange the sale/distribution of, doesn't make you a bad person...

If everyone only did what they loved, many things wouldn't come to fruition. Making film included.

Besides, wouldn't you want to be compensated in some small form for coordinating a buy-in?

To answer you simply: NO, if I were to arrange for something because there was no other way to do it AND cared for people who enjoy the same as I, then I make arrangements without putting profit into the equation. But that's me AND that is NOT my point. I'm not Keith and I don't use his cameras either, although I've read enough about them that I'm sure he puts out great quality products because you can't arrange for such support his products appear to have among the users. I made a remark about something that started out (seemingly) as a genuine offer to pool people together so an otherwise unavailable film can be purchased. Putting it together doesn't require much time or effort, especially for someone who is undoubtedly "connected". So, if this is about making a profit with pre-commitments then I would not join regardless of how badly I thought I needed it. Matter of principle for me.

Again, just stating an opinion.