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OK, thanks. I remember him not liking it on film, now that you mention it. But I figured it stands to reason... But some other guy on here claimed it gave yellow borders and dingy tones. The last RA4 I bought was Fuji Xtal Archive paper, and whatever house brand of chemistry at Freestyle at the time. It's been a couple years now. But in just those same few years, film and chemistry in general has slowed to a trickle. It's really getting tight out there. And I still have 25 more years to live. Wonder which will kick the bucket first--me or film.
No one claimed yellow borders and dingy tones just from blix - combined bleach-fix. Two of us got such results specifically from the Tetanal RA4AT kit that uses single part concentrates. That was the problem - one big bottle of hard to mix concentrate apparently makes a bad blix, or a bad developer, or maybe both. Regular kits that mix the blix from separate components work fine.