I'm opting for the costlier S version, otherwise I would not be selling this jewel.

One of the most innovative and unusual view cameras ever made, the TK45 is German precision-meets studio rigidity-meets field versatility.
To paraphrase an old song, anything you can do, it can do better

I sent this to Kindermann in Toronto last year after purchasing it, and they sent it back saying it was in great shape and well within spec; no adjustment needed.

This one is in excellent shape, standard bellows feel and look new; I hardly used them, usually needing the wide-angle bellows for the type of work I do.
The standard bellows will focus lenses down to at least 65mm (my shortest lens is a 72mm), and you'll get good movements out of the standard bellows with lenses 90mm or longer.

I replaced the original (read: dim) GG with a bright snappy Yanke GG from eBay; focusing is bang on and easy with just the folding focusing hood.

Everything works verrrrry smoothly, and it locks down extremely well and tightly.
Max extension is 500mm.
All bubble levels are working and intact, levers and knobs are A-OK.

Included is the very hard-to-find Linhof folding focusing hood, and the standard bellows.

Feel free to ask any questions.

$1200 OBO plus shipping (insurance at your discretion), and I will cover Paypal fees.