I have seen no fog issues on frozen TMY from 2004 used recently. I expect this new stuff to last equally well when frozen.

Peter, thanks for committing to the initial boxes for this purchase. I mentioned it to Keith last year and he indicated it was had to fill the order the last time he tried. I have no idea why this is true. Let's hope enough others agree.

As far as Canham Cameras making a profit on this, I would fully expect them too. From talking with Keith it's a minimal amount, and not something he is doing for the money. I get the impression his time would be better spent producing cameras, but that he sees this as valuable for the large format community. I don't know if Kodak will deal directly with individuals, or only authorized dealers. If someone trustworthy wants to contact Kodak, and collect orders (and money) and then distribute the film for less than Canham I'm sure a small bit could be saved for everyone. But I for one an happy to let Canham make his small profit, since I know I will get my film and I don't need to pony up the full amount that Kodak requires. I really don't understand the negativity in this thread.