I am listing for sale my Deardorff V8 (serial #945). I believe that this camera was originally manufactured for the US Military, as it uses square-cornered lens boards. Included with the camera is one NOS 6" board that adapts 3.5" round-cornered Deardorff boards to this setup. This board is undrilled. Also included is one non-Deardorff board which accepts metal Canham boards (attached to the Nikkor. This camera is in great user condition, exhibiting the typical finish scratches of 50-plus years of loving use. Joints of the base are solid. Plating of the metal hardware is mostly intact, with a bit of tarnish beginning to show, particularly on the front name plate. All movements function smoothly and all locking knobs are intact and positive. Bellows and handle have been replaced prior to my purchase of the camera (1997). Bellows appears to be in near-new condition with no pinholes, light leaks, or repairs. The glass of the 8x10 back and the 4x5 back are original Deardorff glass, although the original lacquer lines of the 8x10 glass have been mostly removed by inadvertent cleaning. The original base plate was modified slightly to adapt a quick-release plate to the camera. A brand new base plate will be included with the sale. (This new Deardorff plate (not NOS) accepts both 3/8" and 1/4" tripod mounts, but the wooden camera base will need to be altered slightly use it.

The Nikkor 450mm is in excellent to mint condition. Glass and shutter Copal 3 are flawless.

As I will have no use for film holders, I will include 7 Fidelity holders in good condition with the sale of the camera.

Asking $2400.00 + shipping for the camera, 2 backs, Nikkor lens, and new base plate.

Please inquire with questions or other considerations. Thank you