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Hi Michael, yeah a Hassy might do a little better but its not so bad as is. Plus a Hassy handheld under those circumstances may have not been as sharp due to camera shake and mirror slap, or may have required a faster shutter speed and/or faster film. The Rolleiflexes and their quiet and so smooth leaf shutter are so great for that kind of shooting you did there. So it's a give and take. Wonderful set, lovely woman.
Thank you for your compliments! I agree with you completely in the virtues of the flex and I wouldn't put down my Rolleiflex after this shoot. I like to travel light, camera-wise, and I did two shoots on a trip home in completely different lighting. My next shoot was under very poor lighting and I was forced to shoot under 1/8 - 1/15 shutter speeds and most of them turned out pretty good (camera-shake wise).

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I'm in no rush to get a Hassy, but I just wanted to know it's flare-fighting reputation for the focal lengths that I'm considering. It sounds that if I do get a Hassy that I'm better off going pro-shade?