Oh my Geo-D! You need to be carful- you Kaiser Falcon up Regally! What in the name of Chrysler you doing?!?

Cool it down in the Frazer for a while- people going at your Pacer likely to crash! Then there will be a Probe, probably a Citation.

Honda outside chance you will listen to me, I'll say this: on Impulse, you're Lincoln together words into off-Kia puns, Arrowneously thinking them funny when they are really Mercuryosities, a Vega attempt at humor. This out of a Galaxie of possibilities on the Horizon.

An Edsel-lent example of what happens when Yugo off track. There were a few Galant attempts, but most are Subaru-zing as to deserve pun-ishment!

It's not the crime of the Century, but you've been on quite a Jag, and if this Jaguar to continue, I think I can say with Acura-cy that there will be Hyundai when you understand its Impact. If it doesn't break relationships, it certainly Benz them!

I know my criticism Mustang, but I wouldn't want to think bad car puns Taurus apart!

Sorry if you think me so bitchy, or find my Comets offensive. I don't mean to be Impala-tic.

That's all from me- this Torpedo-ing bad puns managed to Tucker me out.