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Is the failure mechanical or in its electronics - or both?
John asked me the same thing on Flickr; mostly mechanical/build quality issues:

The prism lock wore out, so the prism doesn't seat properly; you have to sort of mash it against your face to get the contacts to touch, allowing the body and prism to communicate with each other.

The prism has developed the dreaded LCD bleed.

It took me a while to figure this next one out: you know the lever inside the mirror box that controls the aperture on the lens? I don't know what it's called, but it stopped going down during exposure, leading to over-exposed photos. As a workaround, I jammed the depth-of-field button in so the camera now has permanent depth-of-field preview AND stop-down metering, which I actually kind of like (you simply have to use the old-fashioned "focus wide open, stop down to shoot" method).

One night in the dark, I accidentally yanked on my cable release, and the whole cable release socket on the back of the camera came out!

What eventually forced me to stop using the camera was when the motor drive became unable to advance the film properly. Maybe a stripped gear? I never did open 'er up.

I keep it mostly for sentimental reasons. It was my first pro body, and I used it to shoot my own wedding. The photos I made with this camera remind me of a different time in my life; I only had a single lens at the time (50mm f/1.8D), and I was very inexperienced as a photographer. Good times.