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For pete's sake. Photography is nearly dead. Not EVERYBODY is pouring 5 gallons a day down the sink Your little gallon is a drop in the ocean. A molecule in the universe I can't believe the micro-managed political correctness. Just get rid of it. I really do think some kind of PC insanity has taken root in this country. Like kudzu. Quit worrying about it.
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Pardon me for that, my photographic friend. I see you're from California. When I think of California, it's not beautiful redwoods and lush valleys that come to mind. Immediately I think of several women riding brooms. And that leads me to wonder who keeps voting them back in. Believe me friend, your little gallon of used fixer is NOT a dirty bomb. It's not anthrax, and it won't heat up the earth and kill everthing. Enjoy your photography. Don't let those screwballs fill you with ideas you're destroying god's creation.

i'm always amazed that people condone dumping stuff down the drain ...
it reminds me of someone who suggested it was just fine to dump cyanide down the drain
because there aren't many people doing it, or the guy down the road who was dumping fluorescent green
machine shop solvent down the storm drain .... because he paid taxes and could do whatever he wanted ...