Woooo Hoooo. We have a new home!! We sold the 3 Yellow Tulips building and we were running out of time to find a place to live. Couldn't find a house we could both agree upon to buy, but as luck would have it literally fell into a great place for rent, right where we wanted it with more land than I have ever lived on. How much land you ask? So much it will take forever and a day to explore it all. About a half mile walk down our path to the river front.

The house is really nice an bright and airy. Great kitchen, most of the house is open concept and the master bedroom is large enough to have a Roman Orgy if we were into that sort of thing.

It is out in the middle of nowhere but within walking distance of a very arty town with lots of galleries and nice eateries. We were getting very concerned as we have to move in 3 weeks and we found this place through pure luck. I can set up one hell of a darkroom and set up my studio lights in the house as well. It has lots of windows in every room and they face in all directions.

I am in heaven, but not dead yet. Don