I'm not an expert in safety labeling requirements. There are probably differing requirements depending on the country where it is sold/marketed, and perhaps standards have changed over the years.

In general though, you can't necessarily figure out all the compounds in a developer by looking at MSDS sheets etc. Some chemicals may not be present in high enough concentrations to require disclosure, some agents are proprietary, there are differing levels/thresholds of toxicity etc etc.

If Autofine is a fine grain, general purpose developer containing Hydroquinone and Sulfite, it likely also contains a primary developing agent such as Phenidone or Metol and an additional alkali system. It may also be more complex than that.

The best person to ask about historical formulas is probably Ian Grant.

The phrase "ultra-fine grain, maximum acutance" is always worth a laugh though. It's either one or the other, or something in between. It can't be both.