One photographer's gear list:

1 8x10 view camera with 20 holders and 4 lenses: Cooke convertable,
10" Wide Field Ektar, 9" Dagor, 6.75 wide angle Wollansak

Three exposure meters

Filters: K1, K2, Minus Blue, G, X1, A, C5, B, F, 85B, 85C and light
balancing series 81 & series 82

Heavy tripod

lens brush, Stop watch, level, thermometer, focusing magnifier, &
focusing cloth

special storage box for film

Extensive 35mm, medium format, and 4x5 outfits

Big flash equipment

Cadillac Eight passenger limousine with 5x9 platform on top

The photographer was Ansel Adams. and the list was compiled
from a 1957 movie.