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What do you like about HC110? I used to use it and found it nice as super diluted compensating developer and use to have a great method for pushing HP5 with semistand. I've since switched to X-Tol and pyrocat hd. I'm just curious to why you like it for roll film. I do really love working with concentrated developers.
Well, I started with HC110 in high school, but we did the whole nine yards, tanks, replenisher, the works. I didn't learn much about developing outside what the Great Yellow Father stipulated were the correct and not to be questioned procedures. The line of thought went something like this: "The big brains in Rochester have already figured this stuff out, it is up to you not to screw it up."

Later, when I set up my own darkroom and started large format I started both learning that you could experiment and started using staining developers, PMK, Pyrocat, Wd2D+ etc. Loved them, but I needed something a bit more convenient and economical for my roll film, and I didn't feel I needed stain for stuff I didn't contact print alt process, so, during the Rodinal wars I enlisted. Despite my attempt to join the church, I harbored misgivings about Rodinal. It was just a little to much for my idiom. I did like the ease of mixing it up. Having always liked HC110, I decided to devise an easy to use monotheistic mix from concentrate method similar to Rodinal. I didn't know about dilution E at the time, so I extrapolated from dilution H and after some experimenting came up with my times. When I wrote the original article I was surprised at how much interest there was and how many people were happy with their negs.