I have definitely noticed an increase in prices lately for film equipment. I personally think several things are happening:

1) Working with film has gotten incredibly trendy, which is not a bad thing at all, especially for us folks who don't want to see our favorite films disappear or become even more expensive than it already is.

2) There are a few cameras that have received such a "cult" status which of course inflates their price. Leica folks know this phenomenon all too well.

3) As film cameras get older and older it is becoming harder and harder to find examples that have not been beat to hell and are in good working order.

I find myself very fortunate that I got into film photography right around the time serious digital cameras were brand new (think the first digital Rebel and the Canon 10D). A lot of professionals and hard core hobbyists were dumping their film stuff for rock bottom prices. In many cases the cameras were barely used as they had been purchased by people who just want the latest and greatest trendy items, not necessarily people who photographed frequently. I think that time has passed and prices are heading back up because the folks selling cameras aren't doing so out of desperation to raise the funds for a new toy.