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The only time I ever run into chest-thumping is on forums.* Out in the real world, my encounters with other photographers are few, and distant. Once recently I was shooting in a foggy park overlooking the city; another guy had an MF camera of some kind on a tripod, setting up a shot. Several minutes later I was examining the scene through the viewfinder; the guy wandered down the hill in the direction I was aiming and said "Let me know if I'm in your way".

* One notable exception: A former coworker, new to photography, had been quizzing me for several weeks about the effects of aperture and shutter speed on an image. I told him much of my photography was taken in manual mode, using a handheld meter. He had just recently bought a brand-spanking-new 5D2 and a bagful of L primes, then a 1DS3 came a month or so later. He complained to me that his images were coming out so dark there wasn't any image to see. I suggested he switch to Aperture priority. That, apparently, did the trick. In spite of that, he was constantly deriding me for choosing to use film.
Most beginers believe as I did over fifty years ago when I started that photography is a problem that can be solved by throwing money at it.