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I think I have found an easier way to measure the stuff. I saved an empty dish-wash soap bottle, thoroughly rinsed it, and filled it with HC-110. I have a little graduate that goes to 100, and I fill it with water to 88. (I even put a little mark on it at 88). I then hold the squeeze bottle upside down and slowly squirt in the developer until the level is at 100. I need 600 mls, so it's 12+588. As soon as you stop squeezing the bottle, the flow stops, no mess. The little graduate is dumped into the big one, rinsed out a few times with water, which is added to the big one, and then it's filled to 600 mls. The little thing on the cap of the bottle even snaps shut.
Best of all, it was free.
I do almost the same with HC-110 replenisher solution, and before that with the HC-110 concentrate itself.

The differences are:

1) I use a 45ml Paterson Graduate instead of the 100ml one; and
2) I bought a new travel bottle with a similar dropper style cap, so I didn't have to be as concerned about the efficacy of my rinsing regime.

And I base my calculations of volume on 6 ml concentrate per roll of film. That number comes from a straight extrapolation of Kodak's capacity recommendations for HC-110, so it most likely contains a healthy margin for safety.

Of course, when you use HC-110 in a replenishment regime, there is no down side to increasing the amount of developer you use each time, as all but a small fraction of that developer just goes back into the bottle afterwards.