Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit 40185- $249.00
9 out of 10 condition
Flat Rate Shipping only for lower 48 States-$12.00

For Sale is one Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit 40185 in excellent condition. Included in this sale is only what you see in the photographs. The main mirror that hangs on the artwork, the small mirror to mount on camera and the original box. Instructions are missing, but I will supply a laser printed copy of the file linked below.
The condition of the item is easily a 9 out of 10. Box is rough and there are a few very, minor nicks in the larger mirror housing. Otherwise, everything else looks in beautiful shape. Both mirrors are in mint condition. Bayonet mount shows no signs of wear. This was probably used no more than a dozen times. Only thing that shows any wear is the worn out box.
If you have never used one of these...they are indispensable for copy work of paintings or when you have to be absolutely dead true centered on an object. You hang the large mirror on the painting (or wall...or whatever you want to be centered on) and then you mount the smaller mirror on your Hasselblad (or whatever camera with the proper adapters). Then you look through the rear of the camera with the mirror up and shutter open. When you have the camera lined up perfectly centered...you will see a series of concentric rings....like an infinity mirror. Rings going back into infinity perfectly centered on each other. When you are off center....the rings will be running of to one side and you can easily see how much you have to move your camera to center.

Here's a link to a PDF of the original manual:


PLEASE look at the photographs closely for cosmetic condition.