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OK, cool. I didn't realise I was underexposing so badly.

Yeah, the metering was centre-weighted. They were just quick snapshots while on holiday so I didn't use my light meter.

I always use the film at its box speed, so it looks like the rule of thumb for this film is use it at box speed if the light is "standard daylight" but set it to EI400 or 640 if low light (or switch to manual but for quick work like this, changing the EI seems like a good solution to me). Thanks all.

Don't change the film speed as the level of light changes. If the light in and on the scene is even, and doesn't have a strong colour cast (such as from tungsten lights), then you should meter as usual.

If the light in and on the scene is uneven, you need to be extra careful with your metering (to exclude the effects of things like windows in the background).

And if your light source is different then daylight, you may want to add some exposure, but you may not - it is a subjective decision.