Hello Everyone!

My wonderful father-in-law to be has allowed me to fix/use his uncle's Agfa Solinette 2. This is the oldest camera I have collected thus far and I am COMPLETELY NEW to camera repair. The focus ring was of course stuck, so we used some de-greaser (the kind in a spray can with straw) and it now moves (though not sure if this is was i was SUPPOSED to do....)

I wanted to make sure it was all gone and it looked like some of it may have gotten on the shutter blades, so I looked up ways to clean the shutter. I got as far as removing some of the front pieces and can now see some of the "innards" but am now totally at a loss as to what to do. I have no idea how to completely remove it, and not sure what I should use to clean it, how exactly to do this, and then what I need to do to it after it has been cleaned to make sure everything is in working order!

If anyone can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated! I took pictures of everything as I removed it (i'm not dummy!) so if I need to upload any of them let me know! i would really like to get this thing up and running. I ran a roll of film through last night just to get an idea of its status and waiting for it to be developed. Fixing this one up will go a long way in boosting my confidence so that I can start acquiring some of these older cameras knowing that i *might* be able to get them working for use, and not just for my shelf! I appreciate in advance any help! Thanks!