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What accessories do you really need for an 8 x 10 Camera to feel "complete"? What wouldn't you include?

There are filters, a tripod, film, an auxiliary lens, a light meter, developing tanks, an enlarger, and other things, but I'm trying to focus in on just the photography aspect for now--maybe not so much the developing.
Not sure where you're coming from with you question. A basic kit needs camera, lens, film holder(s), dark cloth, loupe, exposure method (meter, a camera with inbuilt meter or guesswork like sunny 16), tripod and something to carry it in. My 4x5 kit is pretty much that except I have 3 lenses. Actually I have a bag bellows too which I never use as I have hardly used my 90mm lens (I can use the normal bellows if not needing movements).

Sound like you have all that in this kit, plus the requirements to develop/print the film too. Kits generally go for less than the sum of their parts, but is it an option to select individual items or would the person selling this only want to sell it all at once.

Just my thoughts...