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So, the rampant inflation is hitting the old camera market now, huh? That's all it is--just inflation. Cameras can only be worth LESS, because film is getting scarce as sharks teeth in Kansas.
Just as an experiment, I just went over to B & H's website and randomly added over 350 rolls of 120 Kodak film to my shopping cart.

My cart includes seven different films - B & W negative film, colour negative film and colour slide film.

I can get it shipped to my address in Washington State in 5 business days for about $38.00.

It will cost me about $2,200.00 if I complete the purchase , but in no way is it difficult, or even particularly inconvenient for me to obtain the film.

I can obtain almost all of the same film from local stores (all of it, if you consider Glazer's in Seattle as local), but it will take some driving around, and will cost me more.

Film isn't scarce, it is just a specialist material.