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I have a 90 SA that I will sell when the camera comes out..
Question (or for anyone really, who already has an LF lens or two), how do the sizes compare?

These cameras are designed for the 90 Angulon, or 65 Super Angulon.

From what I know, the Angulon just sits in its hole and is fairly low-profile, the Super-Angulon is a big Biogon-looking thing shaped like an hourglass. So i'm wondering, does anyone reckon that the 90 Super Angulon would fit in this camera? (i'd buy a 90SA just for the extra sharpness, coatings and that they're newer, if I knew it'd fit)

The other thing is, are the holes in the camera (well, lensboard) the same diameter for all around this size?
They've already mentioned that the f/5.6 versions won't fit, for either size, weight, or bore-diamter size, so I'm wondering about other lenses too.

Fujinon do a 75mm which looks cheaper than a nice new multicoated 65SA, which could fit into the 65mm camera with a 10mm bit of a spacer I reckon (i'll make it fit, dammit). I'm just wondering about other lenses in that range, and from other brands like Rodenstock, Fujinon, and Nikkor. (More options means more chance of actually finding a lens)