Update - Slavich Unibrom 160BP single weight and double weight matte and glossy is for sure back in the US! I received my order today from Laser Reflections and all is tip top. I bought 2 boxes of 100 sheets of smooth matte normal grade (3) and 1 box of high contrast (4) all in 18x24 cm (~ 7x9.5 inches) and a couple packs of 25 sheets of 9x12cm (~ 3.5x5 inches). This paper is amazing, I love the single weight paper. Wow what great paper. I'm a big cold tone fan and this gets that super cold bromide paper black I've been looking for. It gets even neater in gold toner. I've got to try some sepia next!

Disclosure - I've no incentive or connection with Laser Reflections. I just feel that analog folks like us should promote those companies like Laser Reflections who stive to keep analog alive!

Direct link below to the Unibrom 160BP info page at Laser Reflections: