Pyro-Metol-Borax Fine-Grain Developer

Metol 2 gm.
Sodium sulphite (anhydrous) 100 gms.
Pyro 2 gm.
Borax 6 gms.
Water, to 1 litre

Dissolve in water in the above order.

The above developer originated by P. C. Smethurst and referred to as PMB is thoroughly efficient and possesses novel properties. Of the D-76 type with hydroquinone replaced by pyro and adjusted by borax to pH 7.6 to offset pyro acidity, this formula gives excellent shadow detail and good tone separation, producing negatives with very low fog level. John Scott Simmons, F.R.P.S., of Melbourne, states that this formula gives negatives of high resolution, good grain, and all the pyro characteristics in the shadows, with no clogging in the high lights. With agitation every two minutes in the tank at 68 F./20 C., Soft Gradation Pan Plates require 18 minutes, whilst Super XX films give first-class negatives in 15 to 18 minutes. Slightly pink in colour, this developer keeps very well and is stated by Mr. Simmons to be specially suited to 16 mm. negative film, the time for Eastman Plus X at 68 F./20 C. developed in drum and tank being 11 minutes.

B.J., 1951, Aug. 10, p. 4 10.


Originally published to make 500cc, and I've added the Centigrade figures.